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Is it safer to store valuables in a Vault than at home or in a company office?

Storage in an individual safe will save valuables not only from thieves, but also from fire and floods - the Storage has a storage mode, taking into account the requirements of fire and security safety. The warehouse is certified for compliance with GOST R 50862-2017 (Safe rooms, storehouses of valuables) This is especially true for documents, cash, items of antique value, electronic media. Online video surveillance is conducted around the clock, video cameras are also recorded with information stored on the company's server and duplicated in the cloud storage, the video storage period is 1 year. Fire safety is implemented by an automatic fire extinguishing system, two-level protection against flooding. The storage facility maintains a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 75% year-round, which ensures the most optimal storage regime.

Is the security system reliable?

The protection of the Storage is carried out by the Russian Guard. The basic requirements for the security of bank vaults and safes are spelled out in GOST 50862-2017 (SAFE ROOMS AND STORAGE FACILITIES). In addition to this, the Warehouse has developed internal security standards: compliance with the requirements of GOST 50862-2017, the use of remote online monitoring by video surveillance 24 hours / 7 days a week, remote control of blocking security systems, the most modern biometric identification technologies from BioSmart, equipment from this manufacturer is used for access control systems at the following facilities: Bank of Russia, Rosgvardia, Tochka Bank, Nizhnevartovskaya GRES, Hermitage-Ural Center (biometric access control system for a museum on the recommendation of the State Hermitage), dozens of facilities of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, the Tower of Ministries skyscraper and many other federal facilities.

What cannot be kept in safes?

It is prohibited to store in individual safes explosive, flammable, toxic, radioactive, narcotic and other substances that can have a harmful effect on humans and the environment, firearms, ammunition and property withdrawn from civil circulation in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. In order to monitor compliance with the regime of no storage of prohibited items, the following are used: a dosimeter-radiometer of the MKS 01-CA type, an air analyzer for the presence of combustible gases, an air analyzer for the content of harmful substances, a weekly routine external examination by a licensed canine service for the storage of narcotic and explosive substances.<br>123

How is staff recruited?

All personnel undergo thorough testing and verification at all bases upon joining the warehouse No. 1 LLC. Approved 30 Stop Factors when hiring employees. Under an agreement with the Moscow Center for Applied Psychophysiology and psychodiagnostics when applying for a job and monthly a multivolume screening of candidates / working personnel is carried out on a professional multichannel computer polygraph according to risk factors emanating from the employee's job function and / or from "Stop Factors" Additionally, a blood test for chronic alcoholism is taken monthly using the CDT marker and a quarterly test - allows you to find out if a person has used drugs in the last 1-4 months, as well as in what doses and how often it happened. The research results come directly from the psychodiagnostic center and the medical center to the management of the Warehouse, in order to avoid the possibility of falsifying the results.

Why is the Warehouse office located on Kutuzovsky Prospekt?

For security. In the room where the Storage is now located during the Great Patriotic War and then during the Soviet era, there was a bomb shelter, and Brezhnev, Andropov, Suslov lived in the neighboring house number 26 - their safety was at the highest level. Now Kutuzovsky Prospekt is the main government route and is guarded by FSO and FSB officers, the territory of all nearby districts, including Moscow City, is equipped with the Safe City hardware and software complex.

What is the main difference between renting an individual safe in Vault No. 1 and renting a safe deposit box in a bank?

Like banks, the Warehouse is a highly guarded object that has a standard of compliance with all safety standards, but legally the Warehouse is not a full-fledged banking institution and is not obliged to comply with the Federal Law "On Banks and Banking Activities" dated 02.12.1990 No. 395-1, that is, at the Warehouse banking supervision does not apply and there is no mandatory need to provide information to federal databases and registers, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, tax and customs authorities, bailiff services and other structures authorized to search for property. All additional information is issued upon request or a court decision within 5 days (Article 57 "Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation" dated 11/14/2002 N 138-FZ (as amended on 12/08/2020, as amended on 03/02/2021)) Upon receipt of a request in the Storage, the client is immediately notified of the receipt of such a request.

How is confidentiality respected?

Having explained to you how to use the safe, the Vault employee is waiting for you at the exit from the safe room. All operations with the contents of the safe are carried out in a specially equipped room, where there is no video surveillance, no one except you is present there at the time of the investment of values in the cell. After closing the safe, the client, either independently or with the help of the warehouse employee, seals the cell with an individual seal with a unique number, similar to that used by the cash collection service, which the client breaks off on the next visit.

Can employees enter the safe room without a client?

No, they cannot, neither the security nor the customer service officer. The access denial is implemented in two independent ways: the biometric identification system is configured to deny access to employees without the client's assistance, an employee of remote online video surveillance will see an attempt at unauthorized access, refuse to provide it, and Rosgvardia employees are immediately called to investigate this incident. The personal contact details of the remote employee and his location are not available to the vault personnel.

Can the Vault staff open my safe without my knowledge?

No, they cannot, except in cases of emergency and in cases specified in the lease. The indicator of ensuring the inviolability of the cell during the absence of the tenant is a seal similar to that used by the encashment service, the seal is sealed with a sealing device with an individual code (signature) based on GOST 31282-2004.

How often and at what time can you visit the safe deposit box?

Opening hours of LLC "Storage No. 1" Monday - Friday from 8.00 to 19.00 Saturday / Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00. Non-working days in 2021: January 1.2 (New Years), February 23 (Defender of the Fatherland Day), March 8 (International Women's Day), May 1 (Spring and Labor Day), May 2 (Easter, 2022 - 17 April, 2023 - April 16), May 9 (Victory Day), June 12 (Russia Day), November 4 (National Unity Day).

In what cases can the Vault deny access to the safe to a tenant or a trusted person?

Until the verification of the power of attorney is completed, the Vault may deny access to the safe: If the powers of the lessee's representative are not formalized in accordance with the requirements specified in the lease agreement; If there is information about the termination of the power of attorney or signs of its forgery, erasures, unspecified corrections are found; If the power of attorney for the disposal of the property does not stipulate the actions of the representative when renting a safe. If there are grounds for the client being in a state of alcoholic, drug intoxication, in a state of strong mental excitement or in a state of pronounced mental disorder, i.e. in states that prevent adequate perception of information and decision-making.

Do I always need to come to the Vault to renew the rental of the safe?

Not. You can pay for the lease through your personal account on the website or by following the link sent by the warehouse employees, while the agreement is automatically prolonged. If there is no possibility of remote payment, then you need to call 8 800 700 7505 or 8 495 968 95 05 and orally ask for an extension of the contract and a grace period for payment up to 15 calendar days.

Do I always need to come to the bank to extend the lease of the cell?

Yes, the provision for use of specialized equipment recommended by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for use in banking institutions (sorter - banknote counter, device for determining the authenticity of banknotes), PC with Internet access, high-precision scales, shredder (document shredder), chargers for mobile devices.
Execution of a power of attorney for the exercise of rights and performance of obligations under a lease agreement to a representative of the Client-individual.
Admission to the safe at the same time with the Client of an additional person.
Tracking compliance with the terms of the contract and informing the client about the occurrence of events by sending SMS notifications. (if you agree to SMS informing)
Providing a case-insert for easy storage and movement of valuables in the storage.

How is the contents of an individual safe assessed?

When concluding a lease agreement, the client has the right to independently indicate the value of the investment, the value up to 1 million rubles (inclusive) is basic and does not affect pricing. With an appraisal over 1 million rubles, the cost of renting a safe increases in proportion to the appraisal cost. More details on the website:

Is it possible to insure the contents of an individual safe?

The storage is responsible to the client for the safety of the individual safe within the estimated amount of the contents indicated by the client when concluding the contract. Currently, the provision of such a service is being worked out with the leading insurance companies in Russia.

Dimensions and capacity of individual safes:

in developing

Who can arrange the lease?

An individual or legal entity, resident or non-resident of the Russian Federation, who has a valid identity document.

What happens to the valuables if the safe lease is not renewed?

7 days before the end of the agreement, an SMS notification is sent to the tenant about the need to extend the lease agreement, 1 day before the call is made to the number specified in the agreement, the call is made before the call is made, on the day of the end of the agreement, an SMS and e-mail notification about the end of the lease agreement , after 15 days an SMS and e-mail notification of the need to renew the lease is sent to the tenant, after 21 days a call is made to the tenant's authorized representative, after 24 days by SMS, an e-mail is notified of the date of opening the cell. The Depository Commission will open the safe 30 days after the end of the lease, draw up an act of opening the safe and an inventory of the items found. The contents will be placed in a bag, which will be sealed and sent to a special safe. The tenant or his representative will need to write an application for the release of the seized items, reimburse the costs of restoring the safe working condition and pay the debt under the contract. If the tenant notifies the employees of the Warehouse about the impossibility of payment, the decision to open it may be postponed, but not more than 60 days from the date of the end of the lease agreement.

How is the rental price for an individual safe?

The cost of renting a safe deposit box depends on several factors:
the size of the safe and the rental period. Payment is made on a daily basis. The longer the rental period, the lower the cost. Until the end of 2021, there is a special offer that allows you to further reduce the rental cost. Tariffs and calculator on the website:

Can I make a duplicate key "just in case"?

The duty of the Client is to ensure the safe storage of the key to the safe deposit box and not make duplicates of it. In case of violation of this condition, the Client (Client's representative) is fully responsible for the consequences, caused by this violation, and reimburses the Warehouse for losses caused by their actions

Specifics of drawing up powers of attorney under joint lease agreements?

Under joint lease agreements, any of the tenants can conclude an additional agreement for admission to the safe of a second person or issue a notarized power of attorney. At the same time, it is possible to choose options for joint access: independently of each other or only joint simultaneous visits (access to an individual safe is shared with the simultaneous presence of all the Tenants specified in the Lease Agreement and an additional agreement). / or completion of the lease agreement, replacement of the rented individual safe with a safe of a different size, the lease term belongs to the main tenant who signed the contract. It is not possible to issue a power of attorney for someone else under an additional joint lease agreement.

Как оформить доверенность тем, кто проживает за границей?

Powers of attorney of Russian citizens, foreign citizens and stateless persons residing abroad may be certified by the authorized bodies of the country of residence (with subsequent legalization at the consular office of the Russian Federation, unless otherwise provided by international treaties abolishing consular legalization), or by the consular offices of the Russian Federation. The power of attorney can be legalized at the consular office of the Russian Federation on the territory of the state where it was issued, or directly in the Russian Federation. You do not need to legalize the power of attorney at the consulate of the Russian Federation if you have issued it in the countries participating in the Hague Convention or the Minsk Convention. For countries participating in the Hague Convention, the power of attorney must contain a special certification inscription (apostille).

Do I need a translation for a power of attorney in a foreign language?

For a power of attorney in a foreign language, a translation into Russian is required, including the names of the officials who signed the document and the seal imprint (if any). The translation should be located on the same page with the text of the power of attorney, separated by a vertical line, or on a separate sheet. The translation must be certified by the translator's signature. The translation on a separate sheet is fastened (stitched) with a power of attorney, and at the place of binding, the notary puts a seal and signature to certify the translator's signature.

If the tenant is dead?

If there is information in the Storage about the death of the Client, the authorized person indicated when filling out the client's card is notified. The inheritance of the contents of the safe box or succession in relation to the contents is carried out in accordance with the procedure established by law. The property is transferred to the heirs or successors only after reimbursement of the Lessee's debt for rent, penalties stipulated by the Lease Agreement and storage costs of the Storage Facility.

If the need to rent an individual safe has disappeared before the expiration of the contract, will the overpayment be returned to me?

The client has such a right, this is provided for in the contract, is returned in connection with the early termination of the safe lease (except for contracts with a legal entity - a non-bank organization, individual entrepreneur and an individual engaged in private practice in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation).

Why is it not recommended to keep Russian rubles in an individual safe for years?

If the money is in the safe, then, unlike a deposit, it does not generate income. Therefore, you should not store them there for years - savings will be depreciated due to inflation. At the same time, keeping foreign currencies of the leading countries of the world is economically expedient - over the past 5 years, the exchange rate has more than doubled, which is significantly higher than the income on ruble deposits over the same period.