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Safe deposit box rental


Our advantages

Confidentiality and legal security

We provide our clients with absolute confidentiality of personal data and do not transfer information to regulatory authorities, including the Federal Tax Service, registers of bank customers, judicial and other law enforcement, regulatory and enforcement offices, therefore guaranteeing the safety of box contents even in case of court orders and bankruptcy.
According to the law (link), incoming court requests require a response within 3-5 days and the Vault employees notify the client about the receipt of such a request immediately.

Safety guarantee and material responsibility

We bear full financial responsibility to the client and provide everyone with a basic safety guarantee for 1 million rubles, which does not affect the rental price.
The cell is sealed with a double seal with an individual code and the tenant's signature using a special sealing device based on GOST 31282-2004
The staff does not have sole access to the storage and undergoes monthly polygraph testing.

Highest level of security

Our Vault is equipped with the the high-end biometric equipment "BioSmart" (link) for customer identification. Similar equipment is used at the following facilities: the Bank of Russia, the Federal National Guard Troops, the Hermitage Center -Urals, the Tower of Ministries skyscraper and many other high security facilities.
The room has twenty-four-seven video surveillance with 1 year of saved recordings, backup to the cloud service and online surveillance of security personnel. The facility is constantly guarded by the Federal National Guard Troops and security personnel, and the surrounding area is equipped with the Safe City hardware and software complex.
The security level is confirmed by a certificate of conformity to the V class of security in accordance with the GOST R 50862–2017 (link) (Safe rooms and vaults for valuables).

Comfortable conditions and modern service

We provide full support for the contract terms via your personal account and via SMS. Consent to SMS notifications (link)
Our clients can prolong the rent of the box and receive a payment grace period online or by calling 8 (800) 700-75-05 and +7 (495) 968-95-05
When visiting the Vault the clients have free of charge access to all the necessary devices and professional banking equipment that meets the requirements of the Central Bank for counting, sorting and verifying the authenticity of banknotes.

Rent calculator

Select box size

Specify the number of days
Content estimation basic guarantee

Rental price for 370 days


18,2 RUB per day -35%

Preliminary rental price. The exact cost will be calculated for you in the office.


35%for more than
12 months
25%for more than
6 months
10%for more than
3 months



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